May 21, 2012


“Presentation” connotes “submission”.  In ordinary term, “submission” means put forward for opinion, discussion, decision, etc.  For our purpose, it is not a technical or legal term.
Presentation can be in the form of “oral presentation” or “written presentation” – Each of it has its own advantageous and disadvantageous.  And it may be in the form of discussion or only one-way presentation!  When we are preparing written presentation, generally the report are more structured and more detailed compared with oral presentation.
In our presentation, especially written presentation, it is recommended that our presentation contains the following four sections28:
·        Background of the case,
·        Our analysis,
·        Alternatives and Recommendation, and
·        Implementation Plan
Written presentation usually accompanies by an “Executive Memo”, especially when we present our case to top management, board of directors or to stake-holders.  According to Rowe A.J.,29 executive memo (or executive summary) serves two purposes:
(i)      It is a concise way of summarizing the findings and recommendations of the case analysis.  Its one-page form forces the writer to address the issues clearly and succinctly.
(ii)    It emphasizes that the case analysis is only a basis for arriving at viable strategic alternatives.  The final choice involves a number of considerations, not the least of which is the active involvement of the CEO.

28 Digman, L.A., 1990, Strategic Management-Concepts, Decision, Cases, 2nd Edition, Boston: Richard D. Irwin Inc., p. 430 (with modifications).
29  Rowe, A.J.,, 1989, Strategic Management:  A Methodological Approach, 3rd. Edition, Reading, Massachusets:  Addison – Weley Publishing Co., at p. 33.

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