Dec 19, 2011

Aborigines in Peninsula Malaysia

According to Article 160 of Federal Constitution of Malaysia, "Aborigine"  means an aborigine of the Malay Peninsula. Aboriginal people in Malay Peninsula or Peninsula Malaysia is commonly and widely known as Orang Asli (means “Original People”).  They are one of the indigenous groups living in the said area. There are three main tribal groups of these aboriginal peoples namely Negritos, Senois and Pro-Malays.  Each of these groups consists of their own sub-groups as follows:
(i)                 Negrito group consists of:
-         Kensiu
-         Kintak
-         Lanoh
-         Jahai
-         Mandriq, and
-         Batiq
(ii)               Senoi group, consists of:
-         Temiar
-         Semai
-         Semoq beri
-         Jahut
-         Mahmeri, and
-         Chewang
(iii)             Proto-Malay group, consist of
-         Temuan (or also known as Beladas)
-         Semelai
-         Jakun
-         Orang Kanaq
-         Orang Kuala, and
-         Orang Seletar

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