Aug 10, 2012


The aim of construction site management is to coordinate and control several important things to achieve the successful project in construction. The construction project management was divided into five elements which are money, manpower, machine, material and method. Those elements need to manage effectively and systematically to produce the higher quality of the product. In project management it include of the material management that important resources need to manage effectively in construction project. The management of the material can be divided into two process which material delivery and obtain material. When the problem of material management arises, it can gives impact on the material management and thus it will affect the overall project management. For example, if the delivery of the material is late so the project will delay and thus it can increase the cost of the project because the time period of the project is lengthen. The material is one of the elements that contribute in a large amount of the project cost. So, minimizing the material cost will reduce the project cost. To minimize the project cost, the facilities can used to manage the materials such as infrastructure, communication, technology and transportation and connection. To produce the high quality and effectively management, the project management can be done through the 5M which means: Man, Money, Material, Method, and Machine.

The above article is the introduction of a paper, Abdelnaser Omran, Abdul Aziz Hussin, MATERIAL DELIVERY TO CONSTRUCTION SITE: ISSUES, PROBLEMS AND THE WAY OUT, The Proceedings of THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATION, ICEA–FAA 2012, June 8-9th, 2012. The Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest, Romania, pp. 365-376.

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