Aug 26, 2011


The former Jaya Shopping Centre building that collapsed has perhaps shown the lack of strict enforcement and regulations in the development and construction industry in Malaysia. All parties involved in the demolition works should play a bigger role in ensuring that approvals from all relevant bodies are obtained before any demolition work takes place. They should be responsible, especially the project manager, architect and the consultant engineer, to verify and approve works commending on site because they are the professionals and not only keeping mum about it when works on site commenced without proper documentation and approval from the relevant authorities.  Therefore the action of Selangor Economic Action Council to blacklist six companies involved in the collapsed Jaya Supermarket in Petaling Jaya is the best way to punish them and to enforce that this matter is taken seriously. The parties involved are ...

The above statements are part of an article, Abdul Aziz HUSSIN and Abdelnaser OMRAN, COLLAPSED BEFORE DEMOLISH: THE CASE OF JAYA SUPERMARKET, Malaysia, Journal of Human Settlement, July 2010 2(1): 30-46.

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